Champions and Ambassador Awards

Celebrating efforts by individuals and institutions is a great way to appreciate their work, value their efforts and spreads the message that good work is always recognised!

We bring you the Champion of Integrity and Integrity Ambassador Awards for schools and/universities in the UAE who dedicate their time, efforts and energy passionately upholding and spreading the Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity.

We encourage nominations for the 2021 Campus Integrity Award and ask that you complete the following table and provide evidence of activity and engagement on your campus.  The values listed are ICAI Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity: Fairness, Honesty, Trust, Courage, Respect and Responsibility. Your nomination should make a case demonstrating with evidence how your campus has instilled the values at your campus.

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Deadline to submit entries – 25 October 2021.

Short-listed campus(s) will be invited to join the Integrity Gala Evening on 28 October 2021.

For more details, please email – [email protected]

All the best!

Ignite Integrity Camp

A three-day camp conceptualized by Founding President Dr Zeenath Reza Khan, organized in collaboration with University of Wollongong in Dubai, European Network for Academic Integrity and powered by Turnitin, to create, promote and enrich the student community and to help increase awareness and interest towards academic integrity in order to assist school students to experience a smooth transition into higher education. The camp is only a beginning. It aims to arm students with valuable skills in academic writing, referencing, understanding and developing sense of integrity so that they may be certified as Academic Integrity Ambassadors for their schools and peers – a highly regarded skill-set that will add significant value towards their college applications, higher education and beyond. 

2021 Spring e-Camp

A great three-days at our Ignite Integrity Spring Camp for schools in the #UAE and beyond this year. Although we are still virtual, our organisers created an inclusive, fun and engaging camp welcoming 53 school students, ranging from Grades 6 to 12! The campers all graduated to become Integrity Ambassadors today, presented with special e-Badges designating each of them as champions of integrity values when they return to their families, friends and school!

Well done everyone!

Each camper was inspiring, courageous and committed to the message of the camp – working hand in hand holistically towards a culture of integrity everywhere!

2022 Spring Camp

2022 was a great year for our Spring camp! We were back on campus, face to face but with an element of online presence – yes, we went hybrid! With students from four different schools in the UAE joining in, we had some 20 students who were enthusiastic, motivated and passionate about joining the Spring camp this year, learning about integrity values and honing their skills on academic writing.

From participating in engaging activities to pleding an oath to uphold integrity, our students from 2022 batch have become great champions with some of them now becoming Active Committee members of our Student Board! Woohoo!

To participate in the next Ignite Integrity Spring Camp in 2023, join us today!