Mission and Goals

Falcon is the national bird of UAE and symbolizes force and courage PC Pixabay

Faculty and staff

  • fostering a facilitative platform for dialogue between academic integrity officers at university, school, national and international level
  • designing and delivering innovative, creative and research-based training towards staff development in AI across campuses and evaluating their effectiveness
  • designing and implementing quality-assurance system that may be made available to campuses to assess institutional effectiveness of existing and future AI training modules
  • exploring the potentials of instructional design and technological solutions to sustain AI
  • leading and contributing to research on the scholarship of AI
  • recognising and sharing best practices in AI


  • working in close collaboration and coordination with Faculties, Library and Academic Writing/Learning Centres to provide educational training
  • fostering AI for students through outstanding, continuous support in the form of awareness initiatives, clinical and remedial interventions, and triage for victims
  • identifying, nurturing and training Student Academic Integrity Champions to promote the mission and goals of the group

Community Outreach

  • recognizing and supporting individuals and /or teams worthy of reward and recognition for their contribution to AI good practices​ at university, national and international level
  • organizing annual/bi-annual events to promote AI eg. A Roadshow, Colloquium or Conference
  • celebrating International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating and Global Ethics Day