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  • Institutional (schools, universities)
  • Individual (students, academics, staff)
  • Professional body

The aim of the membership is to bring together like-minded individuals who share a common interest for academic integrity in education and networking in various topics. Membership to schools and universities may be under any of the following categories:

  • Membership is unlimited but must be approved by the FBM.
  • Only registered members may be nominated to be part of AEC and vote in elections for the AEC. AEC will work in the capacity of a sub committee to support the various events of the Centre.
  • Membership offers benefits that include social, volunteer and leadership opportunities, professional development opportunities, valuable contacts with peers including local and international networking, educational events, and even certification preparations.
  • UAI values the efforts, knowledge and commitment of all volunteers and members, and structures the volunteer system to maintain continuity by encouraging participation in integrated activities to enhance value-added activities and optimize productivity.
  • Only the FBM and AEC under directive from FBM shall spend the Centre’s funds at the discretion of the FBM.
  • Membership to UAI is free. However, a small stipulation may be collected for different events/seminars/workshops depending on the concerned approvals/permissions and a database maintained of the same. The money collected will be used for Centre events, publishing, etc. An annual financial report will be provided to the FBM and at the General Members’ Meeting.     
  • Members and membership information, registration forms and any related information will be the responsibility of FBM.

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