Integrity Debate Championship

It gives us great pleasure to invite ALL SCHOOLS in the UAE to participate in the first Integrity Debate Championship 2021 that will take place this autumn 2021 in the UAE.

Academic Integrity is the foundation of education, but the growing absence of its values has given rise to misconducts such as exam cheating and plagiarism in the classroom. A global menace, academic misconduct has been linked directly to lack of workplace professionalism and ethics.

The Centre for Academic Integrity in the UAE hosted at the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD), along with its Consortium Associate Member Gulf Medical University, Ajman is organizing the Integrity Debate Championship 2021, a first of its kind debate competition in the region. This competition will engage students and increase awareness of integrity values and their importance among student community.

Schools have the unique opportunity to nominate a team of three students from Grades 9-11 to represent the school for the debate, engage with peers in a healthy environment and network with international experts. Winning teams will receive exciting prizes, medals, and a Rolling Trophy.

As the debate will commence in October, your kind cooperation and earliest response would be greatly appreciated in order to help us organise the debate in a timely manner. Please note the last date to send in registration is 25 September 2021.

We have taken the liberty to include registration and rules and regulations for your perusal. Further details in regards to debate format will be shared at a later stage. For further clarifications or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] 

Dates and Themes (subject to change without prior notice)

Round One – 2 October 2021

Title: Academic honesty doesn’t matter in school

Round Two – 9 October 2021

Title – Does what is considered Academic dishonesty change when on an online platform?

Round Three (Final) – 16 October 2021

Title – Is Academic dishonesty a result of failure in the education system?

Award Ceremony – 21 October 2021

‘Celebrating Academic Integrity’ Week

CAIU officially launched on 21 October 2021. In honour of our anniversary date and to mark the Global Ethics Day and International Day of Actions against Contract Cheating, we are excited to organize a week Celebrating Academic Integrity (CAI).

CAI Week’21 Line of Events and Activities

For more detailed schedule, click here

Inter-School Debate Championship – first of a kind debate championship to ignite integrity among students, providing a safe platform for students to debate and discuss leading issues plaguing the academic world.

Click here to know more and register

Student Meme Contest – we are inviting students in the UAE to join in the fun and create your own MEMEs following the rules set by International Centre for Academic Integrity (ICAI) this year. But remember, for UAE, the deadline to register and send in your MEMEs is 10 October 2021. Top three MEMEs will be selected for submission to ICAI – click here to know more about rules and regulations.

To register, click here.

Campus Pledge Party – celebrate the week by providing a “wall” either virtually through Jamboard or physically in your own institutions/schools for a “pledge party” inviting staff and students to write their pledges and why they are “honest, fair, courageous, trustworthy, etc”. Share your photos and videos with us through social media, using the hashtag #igniteintegrity #caiweek21. For more information and support, please reach out to our Student Board and SB Active Committee at [email protected]

Date – 17 October 2021, Sunday.

Time – All day event.

Think Calm Practitioners’ Series – A virtual panel discussion with counselors and practitioners teaching academic writing about the well being and impact of integrity in classrooms.

Guest speakers:

Read about Dr Salim Razi here.
Read about Evangeline Litsa Mourelatos here.

Date – 18 October 2021, Monday.

Time – 1:30pm – 2:30pm.

To register, click here

Watch this space for more information soon!

Integrity begins early – K-12 Teachers Series – A virtual panel discussion A panel discussion among school teachers on the importance of teaching integrity in school

Date – 18 October, Monday.

Time – 4pm – 5pm

To register, click here

Contracting Education Practitioners and Students Series – a unique panel discussion that will dwell on real world cases through skits prepared by Student Board and SB Active Committee and engage in discussion with our international experts on “fraud and deceit in assignments and degrees”.

Guest speakers:

Read about Dr Thomas Lancaster here.
Read about Dr Sara Elaine Eaton here.

Date – 19 October 2021, Tuesday.

Time – 5pm – 6pm

To register, click here.

Video Montage – we invite all students and staff across the UAE to join International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating (ICAI-IDoA) and share a video clip “I don’t contract cheat because…” and send here. Deadline to send videos for consideration is 11:59pm on 19 October 2021

Date – 20 October 2021, Wednesday.

Time – All day event

Leaders’ Forum – invited leaders of institutes affiliated with CAIU hold a discussion on the status of academic integrity in the UAE and way forward

Date – 21 October 2021, Thursday.

Time – 6pm – 7pm

Venue – @UOWD Building Knowledge Park, Dubai (face to face event, pending all COVID19 restrictions are maintained and Ministry of Education approval

Watch this space for more information soon!

Gala Integrity Evening – a grand finale, closing ceremony of the week, celebrating academic integrity in the UAE, with award ceremony, cake cutting and a lot of fun

Date – 21 October 2021, Thursday.

Time – 7pm – 8pm.

Venue – @UOWD Building Knowledge Park, Dubai (face to face event, pending all COVID19 restrictions are maintained and Ministry of Education approval

Watch this space for more information soon!