Academic Integrity Consortium

The Academic Integrity Consortium (AIC) is an innovative concept, developed by the Centre for Academic Integrity in the UAE (CAIU). The AIC brings together academic institutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to join hands in mutual respect for and recognition of ethics and integrity in education across all academic sectors in the country.

Consortium Member Association

The members are united by the shared vision:

  • to uphold academic integrity values,
  • to promote ethical practices in education

  • The consortium is a non-binding agreement to associate with the CAIU that aims to bring together educators, students and industry leaders to discuss, create and promote a culture of integrity across school and university campuses in the UAE
  • By joining this consortium, the member institutes grant CAIU permission to add their logo to the CAIU website as “Consortium Associate Members” and vice versa
  • Through the association, CAIU extends research support, resources and training for students, faculty and/staff of member institution
  • Through the association, CAIU provides opportunities for faculty and students of member institutions to participate in CAIU campaigns and events as attendees, organisers or hosts.
  • This consortium agreement does not give either the member institute or CAIU any decision-making privileges nor to use each other’s affiliation other than that which has been agreed here

Meet our Consortium Associate Members – click below to read more!

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