A place where we invite faculty and researchers to share their thoughts and practices on academic integrity….
TEQSA Toolkit – Toolkit to support quality assurance agencies to address academic integrity and contract cheating. ….
We are working to bring the student community helpful tools, tips and resources to help you understand academic integrity values, practices and more! Stay tuned!


  • Policy reviews, good practice guides
  • Orientation to AI for first year students at university
  • Encouraging AI in courses – assessment development guidelines
  • Educational Technologies and Pedagogy towards culture of integrity


  • Development of understanding of conflicts of interest among educators, students and industry
  • Development of understanding of implications of financial relationships between educators, students and industry
  • Development of understanding of importance of academic integrity to workplace ethics


  • Policy review, good practice guides
  • Syllabus review, feasibility in line with integrity values
  • Encourage AI from primary school
  • Assessment development guidelines
  • Educational technologies and pedagogy towards culture of integrity


  • AI awareness programs for parents, friends, peers and government bodies
  • Development of understanding of roles parents, peers, friends play in encouraging AI culture

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